Making software sustainable


Hello, I have worked in unsustainable software projects far too many times in my career. I would like to see more of the sustainable ones in the future and decided to study the subject deeper.

The site is to share what I have learned in written word.


Managing direction of a software project is like riding a bike. One must maintain dynamic stability. Adjust direction dynamically while minding oncoming obstacles.

Maintaining the direction through time however is a team effort. Hence many principles stand on the shoulders of teamwork body of knowledge.

  1. Structure your project in a way that is easy to loose couple and hard to tight couple.
  2. Implicit expectations should be either met or excused with a good and readily available explanation.
  3. Implicit expectations must be discovered through code review / project usage (tested).
  4. Explicit expectations must have a written form. Code review should always point to a written rule.



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